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4students.us Service Review

Reasons I Had For Using 4students.us Service

I’m sure people are bound to have their own reasons when deciding to use third-party essay writing services. As for me, there are certain times when I feel lazy and completely bored with education.

That’s why I chose to get my literary essay on “Catcher in the Rye” from a writing service.

The first impression is usually the last impression. When I landed on the main page, I had to resist a strong urge to leave. I don’t know why, but I still decided to give the service the benefit of the doubt and move on with my order.

Visual Design

Looks like a jumbled mess. Simply too many words for my liking. The inclusion of all kinds of statistics wasn’t helping either. Information overload is a thing, and I felt it throughout my stay.

4students.us review

4students.us Prices

Guess what, you’re only eligible for a discount if you’re attentive enough and can find a discount code on the main page.

Either way, prices are influenced by numerous factors, but in general, they seem to be somewhere in the middle of the pack of affordability.

Deadlines are available in quite a range – from 14 days to 24 hours.

In the “prices” section there are a few interesting tidbits:

There’s an option called “essay editing” – a native speaker will proofread the paper and provide corrections if needed. Note that it adds 15% to the price on top of a regular price.

What gives? Why isn’t this on by default?

4students.us prices

Whatever, I was feeling adventurous why the hell not?

Lifetime discounts are also on offer.

4students.us Writers

Not much information was provided on writers themselves. A few essay samples were on site, that was enough to give me some idea.

4students.us  Reviews and Testimonials

There is a part of the site that’s dedicated to customer feedback. I’ve gone over it a couple of times to gain more insight into the service.

There were some very entertaining reviews left by users, unsurprisingly, every review hosted on the site was tagged with either a 4 or 5 stars. And they followed the same verbose structure. Don’t know how you look at it, but this doesn’t seem that trustworthy to me.

4students.us scam

I took it up with online and decided to look for unbiased reviews, it’s important to give them a fair chance. And… there was nothing to be found.

Moving on.

Customer Support

There’s a live chat option on the bottom right corner. They also give out discounts, for some reason.

Apart from that, an option to use toll-free phone line is not given. If you, like me, like to express concerns via the phone, you’re out of luck.


Simply put, the formatting was basically nonexistent, and the command of language was nowhere to be found.

If you want to get high-quality college papers, I’d advise against hiring this custom service. The fees are higher in comparison with the ones offered by other companies.

Each revision takes about two days (some may take faster, others may take longer) and this entire situation felt like a needless time stretch.

What’s also funny, I left a review in the testimonial section – a 3-star review. In theory, this makes it the first ever neutral review ever to grace the site. It’s yet to appear.

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