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Academized Reviews – legit or scam?

As it’s been said on Academized.com, the company was created with a great intention to help students whenever they need academic assistance. But, as far as we apprehend it, they have a bit misleading understanding of the real meaning of academic assistance. Given this, they definitely need to add this definition to their professional dictionary.

Academized reviews

So should you put your trust, time, and funds on academized, or is it a waste? Let’s find it out.

Executive Summary

It’s well-known that this service hasn’t got such a good reputation, so don’t be fooled by the promising website’s descriptions. The reality is far from those high-quality paper and meeting deadlines promises. On the opposite, academized essay help service delivers bad quality papers, often not on time.

Summary review


Prices are a bit higher than promised. There are three factors determining the final price of the paper: writer’s academic level, the volume of text, and urgency level.

price review

To demonstrate, if you choose High School level, you have to pay $13, while the graduate academic level will cost you up from $22 per page.

prices review


Considering the many controversial reviews on academized, it’s hard not to delve deep into the quality of their papers. We found out why – the quality of their papers is usually below average and contains grammar mistakes, poor language, and plagiarism issues.

Some customers also suppose that they dealt with non-native English speakers.

Service Review

When you look through the list of services offered at Academized, you may be pleasantly surprised by their extensive collection.

Service Review

As you can notice, they appear to provide any kind of work for you, but, unfortunately, it’s all about the poor quality.

It’s also said that they can deliver your paper as fast as within 3 hours. Funny, because we read a lot of academized.com reviews saying that they didn’t receive their paper several days after the deadline.

Pros and Cons


  • Well-supplied free samples’ database
  • Discount offers available
  • Starting prices are comparatively cheap


  • Has a bad reputation and is known to apply fake marketing policy
  • Limited information about writers
  • Uncertain papers quality
  • Often doesn’t meet deadlines
  • Dishonest money-back guarantee policy

Online reputation

The site is known for having quite an intriguing approach towards marketing strategy. Fake review sites and the creation of a false image of their service – these are the two fundamental basics of academized reliable reputation. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work as expected. There is a multitude of negative and academized reviews identifying academized scam reports.


The first misleading impression seems like Academized money-back guarantee is valid and proves that they’re a legitimate service.

money back

But if you ask for a revision, it already means that you have partly approved the order. In this case, you can expect for 70% and lower compensation.

Another tricky thing is their policy regarding revisions with a 3-hour deadline. If you claim it, don’t even expect to get compensated.

Types of Services

There are several types of services offered: writing from scratch, editing, rewriting, proofreading, Maths/Science, and copywriting.

Types of Services

Ordering Process

After creating my account, you can login and proceed with the steps as discussed above.

Ordering Process

As a first step, you need to choose among four subdivisions of the undergraduate level with varied prices accordingly. Throughout the ordering process, you will have to fill many clarifying fields on each step.

Paper Quality

Since quality is what we expect from each product or service we pay for, here comes maybe the most important point in our academized review.

We decided to try both options and weren’t satisfied with any of them. Papers were poorly written for the price we paid; moreover, non-expert writer’s papers had many mistakes, not mentioning a high level of plagiarism. According to academized reviews online, we weren’t alone to face this incompetent level of quality for a considerable price.

Information about the writers

Ordering at Academized, you don’t know precisely who is your author. In case you want to ensure yourself and choose an expert writer, you’ll pay almost twice more than the entire order’s price.


Talking about the writer’s profiles, you will find neither their names nor at least some useful information about them. It seems difficult to rely on a ‘professional’ you know nothing about.

Information about the writers

Customer Support

The Academized customer service is not bad, but still can’t be called the great one and available 24/7 as promised.

Customer Support

We tried to reach them through the contact number , and several times we had to wait about 10 minutes to be answered to be informed that the queue on the website is too long, so we need to wait a bit longer.

Offers and Extra Services

They offer seasonal discounts, so check for academized discount code before placing your order. Enter coupon code when you place your order, and you’ll get it cheaper. There are also some life-time promotions. For instance, you will find a promo code with a 15% discount on more than 100 pages ordered. If you need 100 of them, of course.

Offers and Extra Services

If you’re up for wasting a bit more money, you can order some extra services at Academized.com.

extra services at Academized.com

Charging for Premium Customer Service, you will be assigned by a personal support manager and have somebody in charge of your order. This will add an extra $10 to the price.

More Reviews

When we googled for other reviews for academized, we found even more negative academized ratings. On the Trustpilot and Reddit, we also found some evidence of creating fake review sites to promote the aforementioned service as a reliable one. However, 90% of the academi reviews we found on the websites were strangely praising the top-notch quality Academized writing services.

Academized FAQ

⭕ How to use Academized?

You better don’t. But enough of jokes, if you still want to order your assignment there – scroll up and read our ‘ordering process’ section.

⭕ Is Academized free?

Regarding such a poor quality of the service, you reasonably assumed it to come for free? You wish. Prices here start with pocket-friendly $6 for editing, but the price for more advanced services constantly grows the above-the-market-average rate of $42 for an urgent paper with a 3-hours deadline.

⭕ Is Academized legit?

They provide all the needed guarantees and are officially registered, but it’s hard to call academized legit.

⭕ Is Academized good?

Taking into account the inconsistent qualify of the paper we received and regarding the other customers’ experiences, we wouldn’t call it even close to being good.

⭕ Is Academized safe?

Academized cheating its customers by creating a fake vision for their brand and pretending to be a good service, while it is clearly something except for it. The decision is up to you, but we would not believe the company standing behind the PR like that.

Final Rate

All in all, we think it worth making more thorough research while choosing an essay writing service to spend your time and money on. We fairly believe that in the 2020 world of the Internet there are many much better options for users from either USA or any other point on the globe. Alternatives like edubirdie.com and other top-rated academic solution providers will provide you with a list of advantages as follows:



Has a bad reputation and is known to apply fake marketing policy

Good reputation and fair marketing policy

Limited information about writers

Clear and reliable info about writers

Uncertain papers quality

Great papers quality

Often doesn’t meet deadlines

Meets your deadlines

Dishonest money-back guarantee policy

Clear and honest money-back guarantee policy