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An Edusson Review: A Detailed Examination of the Writing Company

If you are a student, there is a good chance that the name Edusson has cropped up at least once in a conversation with your fellow pupils. Well, this was precisely why I decided to check up on this site. A number of students had talked to me about the writing agency and I just had to see what it was like for myself. So, after going through all of the options and placing an order, here is my detailed Edusson.com review…


What I was struck by most when I checked up on this online writing agency, was the fact that its services were quite different from many others. Of course, since writing was the company’s bread and butter, I could choose from the following options:

  • Essays
  • Research Papers
  • Articles
  • Thesis
  • Book Reports
  • Coursework
  • Lab Report

In addition to this, the agency also offered rewrites and editing for work that I had already completed. This wasn’t the only options, however. Unlike many of its competitors, this writing company also provides plenty of assistance as well. This includes samples, guides, tips, and even help with topic selection too!


My main caveat with this service would be regarding not the Edusson prices but the pricing system. See, when I wanted to place an order, I had to first provide extensive details about the kind of work that I wanted to be completed. After this, my work could be viewed by all of the writers on the site at that time. They put forth their bids.

If this wasn’t confusing enough, there was also the fact that I had to directly discuss the payment and more with these writers. While this did help me to clarify the details, it meant that I had to spend even more time trying to figure out the total cost.

Customer Support

Compared to the many other writing sites that I have reviewed over the years, I do have to say that the customer support is quite good here, something that was mentioned by other Edusson reviews as well. For one thing, I had the option of either setting up a Live Chat or simply calling up the company directly. As long as you keep the time difference in mind, you should be able to speak with someone about any issue that you might have.


The thing about this writing agency is that there is no real guarantee of the quality. You simply hire a writer and hope for the best. So, to stay on the safe side, I decided to hire two separate individuals to complete similar tasks for me – each was an Edusson essay. I wanted to get a clearer idea of what the writers were like, in general.

Once I was able to go through the work, I realized that there was a variation in the quality. As the saying goes, you do get what you pay for and this is especially true with this service. One of the assignments was quite good and the other was just average. Fortunately, though, both of them passed the Edusson plagiarism checker with flying colors.

Guarantees and Safety

Many other online writing businesses offer a form of refund if the work doesn’t meet your standards. This company, though, operates on a different system. Here I was informed that my money would be held until the assignments were delivered to me.

Afterwards, I had to decide whether this was what I ordered. If it wasn’t, the money was not given to the writer until I was satisfied with the work. Due to this, I would answer yes to the question is Edusson reliable?


I have to say that I quite liked the overall layout and structure of this site. I found it easy to navigate and much of the ordering process was quite simplistic as well. In particular, I enjoyed that there was so much information available on the site itself. Every page that I went to, I was greeted with even more details. So, I never felt lost or confused on the site.


I have to say that I found the writers to be a bit of a blank spot during this Edusson review. This was because there was limited information available about them. While I could see the number of tasks that they had completed, their success rate, and customer reviews, this was it.

I didn’t really have any way of knowing the writing level of the person that I hired. So, although I found Edusson legit, I wish that they were more open about their writers’ capabilities. This would make it easier to select the most appropriate one.


These are the benefits:

  • Lots of assistance and help features
  • You are in charge of the ordering process
  • Lots of information available
  • Safe
  • Good customer support


These are the downsides:

  • Confusing bidding process
  • Difficult to know writers’ capabilities


To conclude this review, I would say that this writing service can be suitable for a number of students. While there is a little bit of trial and error with the writers, they are plenty of good ones to choose from. This, along with the many support features on this site, ensure that you will have a good experience.