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Custom Essays by Essaywriter.org

When I first came across this custom essay writing website I felt a bit curious at their offered $10 per page tag on their cover and I couldn’t wait to look into their inner mechanism. So before sniffing anymore on the site I directly clicked the “Order Now” and placed an order for a submission within 5 hours (I was trying to be a bit generous with them, otherwise I would have made it 3). Any way we will come to that later. Before the write up is ready let’s have a look into some other areas of their service.

Customer Support:

Perhaps the most felt and somewhat devastating disadvantage of using this service is that they do not provide with 24*7 customer support. And that means a lot to me. Perhaps that somewhat accounts for their comparatively lower prices from the competitors. Let’s hope the quality of the essay writing is not like their customer support.

To decrease the side effects of not having a robust customer support, they have published on their website a database of their professional writers for you to choose from. Though you will not have the facility to be guided to the college essay writer that best suits you and the scope of your paper you can browse their writer database to select the one you like.


There I couldn’t find any detailed price list on their site in spite of the fact that price lists are an important list to display for a service like custom essay writing

However, I tried to reach out to their customer support but their agents were not available the so I couldn’t get any detailed understanding of their pricing.

Customer Feedback

Their customer feedbacks are however a bit inspiring and have lots of positivity going on; with an average writer score of 4.8. However, I also searched for personal reviews on other locations and have also found one or two bad remarks here and there.

My Paper

Now, let’s have a look at the paper that I ordered from them. To my surprise the essay was delivered on time, by the way. And the quality too was better than I expected it to be. However it misses that mark, which I always search for in write up, just by a bit. Therefore I would not recommend this Essay writing service for any expert level tasks and would hope that it will do quite good for the undergrad courses.