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EssayPro.com Review

An essay writing service is one of the most sought after tools among high school students. Mainly because it’s commonplace to wait until the very last minute, habitually. Not always due to laziness, mind you. Having other assignments and obligations is also pretty common.

Had an assignment that was due shortly, and I had no means of actually completing it on time.

Naturally, I turn my attention to an essay writing service EssayPro. This is my review of essaypro.com

How You Can Get Started

The website is very easy to deal with. As soon as I visited it, I clearly knew where to go. For anyone not on good terms with the map of the site, there’s an option of chatting live with the customer support team.

EssayPro.com review

Students or whoever wants an essay written, can simply sign up, verify their emails and place their orders. No problems so far, everything seems good.

The Ordering Procedure

Now, how does the process work? First of all, you place your order by filling out the order form. It has a lot of fields to choose from, even if you did not find the required field, you can choose “other” and describe your topic in the description area.

EssayPro.com legit

Then you will need to reserve the money for the order and place it. The writer completes the task and uploads it for you to check it if the essay meets your requirements, you release your reserved money for the writer, and you finally have your essay ready to be turned in.

For those curious, I’ve placed an order for an essay on “Techniques of Literary Criticism.”

How The Website Works

One of the negative aspects of this website is its pricing, its average cost is $12 per 275 words, which in my opinion is costly for students, especially non-Americans, due to currency conversion rates, that most of the potential users are students without basic income.

EssayPro.com prices

But these students might think that an essay is worth the money for various reasons:

  • The website is kinda helpful and encourages users to try it.
  • There’s an option to choose the best writer that suits your needs, based on completion rates, reviews, rating, and qualifications.

Review Results

After trying this website, I can undoubtedly say that they have a good customer support team EssayPro.

However, when I got my essay, I thought it would be of better quality. I didn’t even consider for a second that I would have to revise it myself – I received an essay unworthy of the money paid for it.

There were too many grammar mistakes; an experienced writer wouldn’t have had these issues.

It also seemed to me that the writer wasn’t that aware of the topic he was writing about. Questionable research, unorthodox flow, and overall inconsistency marred the overall impression.

And profile said that it was one of his specializations.

I find it very hard to recommend this service – EssayPro.com.


I’m sure there are better alternatives, they’ll do a better job and at a lower price.