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Review of PaperRater.com

I was always enamored by modern developments in the department of recognition, and when automated proofreading services were popularized and claimed to have solved the problem of editing for students, I was more than happy to jump on the bandwagon and test them out for myself.

This is my PaperRater review.

Why Would Anyone Use This Service?

I’m sure the majority of students want someone to proofread their papers and essays, especially when the pressure is on. The reason for writing this Paper Rater review stems from the very root of these services.

About PaperRater.com

Paper Rater is a service that offers plagiarism & grammar checking, along with stylistic suggestions to boot. It takes the system roughly a couple of seconds to showcase results, and it can work with both British English & American English.

paperrater.com review

However, it doesn’t take in context, flow and meaning,  everything this essay rater shows should be taken with a grain of salt.

More on that later.

Impressions From Customer Support

There is no live chat window to speak of, but then again, it’s not really required here. The feedback loop of the service is aplenty, and the FAQ section was quite good at explaining what’s going on.

No Installation Required

The service is a cloud-based platform that doesn’t require users to install any kinds of software on their PCs.

Pricing Policy

The site seems to operate on a free basis, but there’s an option to buy a subscription of sorts. It costs about $14.95 a month (but I have no idea why the banner shows the price as $7.95) and $95.40 a year.

Difference Between Free and Premium

PaperRater plagiarism checker acts as advertised, it tries to find information online and provides the string of words and source of information, but this functionality is only reserved to premium subscriptions.

That alone pretty much makes the free offering useless to find plagiarized content.

My Impressions

I don’t know whether this is something they’re usually proud of, but I definitely wouldn’t call this a great performance. I can’t speak from experience of other users, but as a moderately active writer constantly undertaking freelance assignments I was left with a distinct feeling of frustration, but then again, I should have kept my expectations leveled.

I started with a couple of texts that I thought were decent. The grades ranged from B to F, which was very surprising to me, considering they were very technical and far from mediocre regarding content.

On the one hand, that’s kinda understandable – the main page claimed that 25-45% of information could be wrong or incomplete.

It bears the question, what’s the point then, exactly? It only rates the visual aspect and some stylistic choices; it gives no estimation on the contents of an essay or paper.

Why would I pay for a premium subscription that only gives a questionable set of perks?

Cons outweigh the pros, as far as I’m concerned.

I can’t think of any instance this would be useful and “free” services have always been a point of contention for me.

What stops them from taking my essay/paper, run it through their algorithm and give an arbitrary grade and then either steal or post it somewhere online out of spite?

It would be scandalous had it occurred, but the thought simply doesn’t leave me. I wouldn’t check important papers and nor should you – just fluff texts and a few different articles to test it out.

If you actually need to check your academic writing, you’re better off employing the services of a professional proofreading service – customwriting.com.

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