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ProCustomWriting.com Review

My so-called adventure with writing services began during a problematic stint at college.

There were a few assignments due shortly and to get more of a fighting chance I decided to offload the busywork to a third-party service. My choice fell on ProCustomWriting.com, which at the time seemed like a good choice.

Let’s get started with the review.

Visual Component of the Service

I would say that the visuals are an important aspect of any business. If you’re trying to find out more about a service, you should be encouraged to read more on the main page.

procustomwriting.com review

As for me, this site didn’t offer a pleasant reading experience – the information was there, but I had to make a conscious effort to find it.

Price and Discounts

The lowest price you can expect to pay is $12.99 per page. Price is subject to change, evidently. It’s mostly based on various factors like the deadline, page count, academic level and type of paper.
Thankfully, there is a money back guarantee, and free revisions are on offer.

procustomwriting.com price

Another lazy feature was a banner that offered a discount on the main page – it stated that the discount of 15% was valid for all first-time orders… but until 03/05/2015.

That doesn’t seem helpful now, does it?


Academic writers are said to be qualified individuals across numerous disciplines.

The service boasts with professional writers, but there were no additional details given – just the mere fact that they’ll get the job done and there’s an option to speak with them directly; a good addition if you intend to guide your writers in a way that’s needed for them.


There were only 2 sample essays present in the section. An oversight or a calculated decision? Couldn’t tell, but the samples themselves were not that impressive. Above average, but far from being remarkable.

Privacy And Revision

This essay writing service offers complete privacy.

Financial information is going to be preserved as well, no complaints there.

Customer Support

There are two toll-free lines: one for the US and the other for the UK. A smart inclusion of chat and support email is also a great way to generate great publicity from customers.

Although, the moment I opened chat and wrote about my concerns, I was put on hold. There was some impressive downtime in our conversation, but the person was providing helpful information. In short, could be worse.


Only three testimonials were on-site, I decided to take it up online and seek out more details regarding this site. Not much turned up, but the stuff that did was quite positive. A handful of 5-star reviews here and there.

procustomwriting.com scam

Resulting Essay

Two essays I paid for seemed far from acceptable to me. Everything about them screamed lazily. You know about the prerequisites of a good essay, right? There needs to be logical coherence, a 5-paragraph structure, a sense of direction and forth? None of this was anywhere to be found. I’ve had to use plenty of revisions to get these essays to a somewhat acceptable state.

This was a deal-breaker for me. I wish I could have the same experience those people had when they left glaring reviews on the site.


Then I wouldn’t have to write this verbose review and have it act as a public service announcement.

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