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SmartWritingService.com Review

This website performs a wide variety of academic assignments for undergraduates and postgraduates. Given the opportunity, I was able to order from provided options – coursework, essays, reviews, case studies, dissertations and ghostwriting (basically their entire M.O.)

My reason for using this service wasn’t glamorous – I was getting lazy, and I needed someone to write my essay. Lo and behold, SmartWritingService.com does this kind of thing, so I decided to dig deeper and learn more about the service. And get rid of the nagging assignment in the process, of course.

Visual Design

I don’t even think this is vital to the overall quality of the service, but I feel compelled to write something about the main page and a few sections of the site. The site looked well-designed, but the constant walls of text really got to me. Is there no better way to go about presenting information.

smartwritingservice.com  review

Writer’s Qualifications

I wanted to make sure skilled people were working on my paper, not some college dropout with a penchant for writing. Outside of a passing glance, there was no information given on the writers. Apart from the assurances that they’re skilled professionals.


There’s an option to get a free price quote, but as is usual with all kinds of businesses, price mostly depends on the urgency factor.

smartwritingservice.com  review

They started at $10 for a high school level paper and went up drastically with each new tier.

The faster your deadline is approaching, the more expensive your order is going to get.

I had about a day left until my deadline – not the most comfortable of feelings.

Customer Support

A few ways to reach support are presented.

The chat pop-up is on the right side of the main page, and it allows to access support in mere seconds.

I tested the chat out to see whether there was an actual person behind the facade. To my surprise, there was. I also noticed two phone numbers (for US and UK markets), but there was no mention of them being toll-free.

smartwritingservice.com Contacs


I’m glad these kinds of services understand the importance of original research and put plagiarism-free content at the forefront of their efforts. All essays or papers bought are claimed to be entirely plagiarism-free and unique.


Naturally, my expectations were hyped up with all these juicy guarantees.

I expected a great paper with required formatting, references, and grammar. All of them were kinda present, but they weren’t presented in the manner that was needed. The paper felt tonally inconsistent as if my order was written by two different people.

To be entirely fair, this would, under normal circumstances, pass for a student’s piece of writing – written with a dash of laziness and with an added sprinkle of pure indifference.

I wanted more; it’s unfortunate that SmartWritingService .com has missed the mark. I’m not sure they made their best effort, but I’m unwilling to try again.

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