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WritersPerHour.com Review

I would not say that I’m an exemplary student, but I am an occasional essay hero. The thing about essays is that they’re often given out in huge batches. Due to lack of time, I went the easier route and bought an essay. The topic was “Infrastructure Development.”

Visual Design

The site seems to be a bit messy. There is just too much text, and it gets in the way of important stuff. I had to actively seek out useful information within the massive blobs of text. I don’t know why these types of sites do this. In either case, this isn’t the most pleasant-looking website out there.

 Writersperhour.com service

As far as I’m concerned, visuals are redundant if the service in question can actually pull its weight and there seems to be a lot on offer here.


There’s no option to get a personal price quote, from what I’ve seen, but there’s a sample section on the site that provides essay examples and shows the estimated price for a similar kind of paper.

 Writersperhour.com scam

There was price spreadsheet inside the “Prices” section. The main gist of it was that the price is directly influenced by numerous factors.

The fine print also stated that the prices on offer were the lowest on the market – a proud claim.

 Writersperhour.com prices

Prices are also influenced by the deadline. The shortest delivery time is said to be 3 hours, while the longest is set at two weeks. Urgent orders cost a lot more.


Writer qualifications weren’t on display, which was a surprise to me. I would have expected a full-blown marketing campaign, but they decided to keep it simple and reserved.

Customer Reviews

There were no testimonials of any kind on site, which came as a surprise to me. I took it up online and decided to look out for reviews of aggregation platforms.

Reviews were very polarizing – they either praised the service or were completely dedicated to bashing it. While the service seems to deliver on their promise sometimes, other times, it misses the mark entirely.


It’s nice to know that there’s a customer support phone line, and there’s a live chat window. It didn’t to work most of the time. An email option is also given, it was at the upper-left corner of the site.

Writersperhour.com support

The site is advertised as 24/7, so there are a few distinct ways to reach the people behind this essay writing service.


Let’s get into the most important part of this review. After I was done reading reviews from other customers, I half-expected my essay not to be the work of genius, but I did expect it to be somewhat decent.  Anyway, the paper I got was nowhere near as polished as it was advertised to be. The job they did wasn’t worth the asking price, and I’m not afraid to say that.

Even though the formatting was of the type I needed, the overall impression was marred down by repetitive misuse of grammar and poor word choice. English natives? Yeah, right.

I decided to cut my ties with the service on the spot. Mind you; it wasn’t all that bad. There were some spots of note in an otherwise completely unremarkable puddle.

Not a 5-star service, but neither a 1-star one. It’s somewhere in the middle – “meh” is likely to be your reaction as well.